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SHOCKING REVELATION: Longtime New Square Shabbos Goy Fired After Revealing He Is Jewish

A long-serving Shabbos Goy and security guard working in New Square has been let go after a sudden and shocking discovery was made: he is Jewish.

The revelation came to light during a casual conversation with a resident, where the “Shabbos Goy” mentioned that his grandmother was Jewish and had lived in a village near Kiev, Ukraine.

The news spread like wildfire, and having been provided the information, the Skvere dayanim instructed local askanim to research and verify the facts before the next Shabbos.

Following a swift investigation into the man’s ancestry, askanim were able to confirm that the near 70-year-old man with over 15 years of service as a “Shabbos Goy” and previously with the NYPD, was indeed halachically Jewish – despite his insistence upon and identification as a Catholic.

As such, the Shabbos Goy has been let go. It was explained to him that he could no longer be employed in his position due to his Jewish heritage, which forbids them from hiring a fellow Jew for work on Shabbos.

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  1. He was NOT let go! they just had to change around his position not to do any work on shabbos, but he is still working regularly there during the week.

  2. i hope they at least taught about his Judaism and put on teffilin with him and sent him home with heimishe essen!


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