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SHOCK: Monsey Girls School Bnos Derech Yisroel On Brink Of Closure Due To Lack Of Funds

Shock is spreading throughout the Monsey region as a local girls school with 330+ students is on the brink of shutting its doors due to severe financial constraints.

Staff of Bnos Derech Yisorel in Monsey informed parents that due to financial difficulties, the school is forced to shut down as of Thursday, May 23.

“Due to ongoing financial difficulties, the school staff has not received their salaries for the past three months,” the message to parents said. “While we recognize the financial challenges every school is currently facing and have made every effort and worked diligently to address them, we have regrettably run out of options to remediate the situation.”

“We invite parents to collaborate in finding a resolution to ensure the continued operation of the school,” the message continued. “Ultimately, our goal is to come back and wrap up the year properly for our students. We appreciate your understanding and support during this challenging time.”

However, in an updated message sent to parents on Wednesday the school said that “a group of dedicated parents have initiated a plan to raise the necessary funds to pay our teachers. This will ensure that our children receive the education they deserve through the end of the school year.”

As of Wednesday night, the school’s future appeared murky, with hopes that its future could be salvaged.

As reported earlier today by YWN, many schools – in Monsey and beyond – have been struggling to make payroll in recent months, and many rebbeim and morahs are now contending with missed paychecks.

To donate to Bnos Derech Yisorel, please click here.

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