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Senator Bill Weber Urges Exemption for Rockland County Residents in Response to MTA’s Congestion Pricing

Senator Bill Weber issued a scathing statement on Friday, decrying the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for imposing congestion pricing, which he believes disproportionately affects his constituents. In a press release, Senator Weber criticized the MTA’s alleged indifference to Rockland County’s commuting challenges and financial burdens.

According to Senator Weber, over 60% of Rockland County residents who work in New York City are compelled to rely on their cars for daily commutes due to what he described as the MTA’s “inadequacies and failures.” He asserted that the MTA prioritizes revenue over the needs of Rockland County residents and likened congestion pricing to a new tax, further burdening those already grappling with multiple taxes.

“We used to be nickel and dimed to death, now it’s $10’s and $20’s,” Senator Weber lamented, emphasizing the increasing financial strain on his constituents.

Senator Weber also raised concerns about the absence of exemptions for public servants, including police officers, firefighters, medical professionals, and teachers, who have no alternative but to commute by car. He argued that these essential workers should not be subjected to congestion pricing.

To address these issues, Senator Weber announced his co-sponsorship of Senate Bill 5425, a legislative proposal aimed at repealing congestion pricing and compelling the MTA to undergo an independent forensic audit conducted by a certified public accounting firm.

In his statement, Senator Weber expressed doubts about the MTA’s fiscal responsibility, stating, “No amount of revenue will ever be enough for the failed MTA.” He called for a comprehensive audit of the agency and suggested that its leadership should resign in disgrace if misconduct or financial mismanagement were uncovered during the audit.

As Senator Weber continues to advocate for Rockland County residents, the debate over congestion pricing and its impact on commuters remains a contentious issue, with many watching closely to see how this legislative effort unfolds.

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