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Senator Bill Weber Takes Action to Hold CSX Accountable For Fires

In a bold move to protect the community from the consequences of negligence, State Senator Bill Weber, representing most of Rockland County, has taken the lead in holding CSX accountable for their failure to maintain train tracks, which has resulted in multiple brush fires in the area. The most recent incident in mid-April prompted immediate action from the Senator, who introduced legislation requiring CSX to properly maintain the tracks. With a firm commitment to ensuring the safety of residents, Weber is determined to pass this bill during the upcoming legislative session.

The responsibility of CSX for these incidents has been acknowledged, as confirmed by an investigation conducted by the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office. Progress has been made in compensating affected residents and municipalities with the assistance of the Senator’s office, a development that brings hope and relief to the community. So far, close to $100,000 has been secured from CSX for residents who have reached out to the Senator’s dedicated staff. The resolution process is currently ongoing, and a total payout of nearly one million dollars is anticipated. This financial relief will play a crucial role in restoring affected communities and mitigating the damages caused by CSX’s negligence.

To ensure that every individual or family impacted by these incidents receives the support they need, Senator Weber encourages those who have sustained damage but have yet to make a claim to contact the office directly at 845-623-3627. The Senator and the team are available to provide assistance and guide them through the process.

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