Senator Bill Weber Partners with Red Cross for Fire Safety Campaign Targeting Seniors

In anticipation of the upcoming senior fair on September 14th, Senator Bill Weber and the Red Cross unveiled an essential fire safety initiative titled “Sound the Alarm.” The campaign specifically aims to aid the senior community, a demographic identified as highly susceptible to fire hazards.

Organizers estimate that the senior fair will host between 600 to 700 senior attendees. With heightened awareness and support for the Raise the Alarm program, many are hoped to sign up for these pivotal life-saving devices.

Special attention is being directed towards seniors with hearing impairments. Innovations like bed shakers and strobe alarms have been introduced to cater to their unique needs. Such advancements are designed to ensure that, even for those hard of hearing, no alarm goes unnoticed.

A standout feature of the new smoke alarms is their decade-long battery life. This eliminates the need for seniors to replace the battery every six months, as is the case with older 9-volt detectors. The enduring lifespan of these alarms provides seniors with extended peace of mind and a reduced risk of fire hazards.

Moreover, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of these devices, professional installation will be provided. This not only guarantees the detectors are optimally positioned but also prevents potential injuries that seniors might face while attempting self-installation.

The formal announcement was made on Thursday morning, with the CEO of Red Cross joining Senator Weber at his office in Nanuet. Both leaders underscored the importance of this campaign and appealed to the community to support and spread the word about this vital initiative.

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