Senator Bill Weber Honors Heroic Rescuer and Brings Joy to Camp Fun

On Thursday, Senator Bill Weber paid a visit to Camp Fun. His purpose was to present Menny Schwab with a proclamation from the New York State Senate for his heroic actions in saving three lives over the past few years. The most recent incident occurred on a flight from New York to San Diego when Menny successfully responded to a medical emergency.

Menny expressed gratitude to Senator Weber for ensuring that Camp Fun would have a spot reserved for the last two weeks of the summer. The senator’s efforts were greatly appreciated.

The day was filled with enjoyment for everyone involved. Additionally, the Ramapo Police, accompanied by their K9 unit, joined the gathering. They interacted with the Day Camp Kids and provided a valuable safety demonstration, creating a memorable experience for the children.

To conclude the eventful day, a surprise helicopter arrived and released a batch of Camp Fun T-shirts for all the campers, leaving them pleasantly surprised and thrilled.

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