Sen Weber Stands In Solidarity With Jews, Invites Rabbi For Invocation At State Senate

The recent shocking videos emerging from Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters in Crown Heights depicting radical Meshichists tearing down walls and digging “tunnels” beneath 770 sparked ludicrous antisemitic conspiracy theories across social media – and captured the attention of NY Sen. Bill Weber.

Reacting to the unfolding situation, Sen. Weber, a member of the New York State Senate Antisemitism Working Group, expressed his deep concern over the blood libel. Determined to show his support for the Chabad Jewish community, which forms a minor part of the Jewish population in Rockland County that he represents, Senator Weber took a stand of solidarity against antisemitism.

In a gesture highlighting this support, Rabbi Shmuel Gancz, the leader of Chabad of Suffern, was invited by Senator Weber to deliver an invocation before a Senate session.

“It was an honor to host Rabbi Gancz, whom I consider a friend,” Senator Weber said following the ceremonial invocation. “We can all play a role in combating the world’s oldest hatred, and I was pleased to contribute in my own way last week.”

Senator Weber’s actions and statements underscore his commitment to fighting antisemitism and supporting the Jewish community during times of controversy and misunderstanding, while simultaneously highlighting the challenges faced by Jewish communities in the digital age, when unfounded conspiracies can easily gain virality.

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