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SEE THE FOOTAGE: Yeshiva Bochrim vs Monsey Fire Dept. On Lag Baomer

It was a wild scene at a Yeshiva in Monsey on Lag Baomer night, as the fire department and the Bochrim played cat and mouse for hours.

Sources tell Monsey Scoop that as many times as a dumpster fire was extinguished, the fire magically reignited again, causing the fire department to repeatedly respond to the scene.

The action soon grew, as Bochrim from other Yeshivos and Kehillos joined in and staged a “hafganah” as they yelled “Shabbos” and other things at the fire department.

Eventually, community activist Yossi Gestenter arrived on the scene to try and defuse the situation, but he too was verbally assaulted, as he does the PR for the Monsey fire department.


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  1. This is unfortunately a very misleading headline. The headline should read: “Yeshiva bocherim spew hate at fellow yidden”. The yeshiva administration and the parents of these bocherim should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen time after time. Is this the Torah way? How can any rational Yid be okay with this? I am appalled, disappointed and heartbroken! I commend these firefighters for showing restraint and keeping their composure respectful in the midst of extremely hurtful actions. Much respect to you and for the selfless work you do for free as volunteers!

    • what are you saying do you understand the musag of yideshkite enjoy life you are only
      seeing one side of the story

  2. I agree with Farshtupeh Kup. This is an outright Chillul Hashem. These boys should somehow be punished. The parents have to be made aware and held accountable . The little boy in the first video is completely out of control. Where did that little schmuck learn such complete chutzpah. He definitely need help.

  3. Gee I wonder how this would have gone in a different community. Large unruly groups committing dozens of arsons, surrounding emergency vehicles, and interfering with fire department operations……. I wonder if the police would just stand around and do nothing in any other community in any other town on any other holiday or after any other parade ….. what a disgrace this to whats left of Rockland County and what an embarrassment this is to your other Jewish Neighbors who are tired of being ridiculed for the behavior of these uneducated fools acting like this on the very same property they are supposedly being “educated”

  4. YWN takes it personal any time a ‘frum’ yid is standing up for something
    (Probably because we don’t have enemies so we need YWN to step in)
    Interesting that it is the very same yeshiva that was reported by YWN counter protesting the NK hafgana sources tell

    • So you are saying that standing up for arson, illegal fire setting, and unlawful interference with emergency personnel should just be tolerated because it is the inalienable “right” of their religious beliefs to be unfettered by goyish laws. Just want to make surecI understand you correctly

  5. That’s totally not right what happened in this yeshivah with making illegal fires unsafe again a couple a times.
    But this that the boys made a hafgunah against the fire department, that’s totally ok and actually a good think.
    Because this fire department is not respecting our community, they are not behaving appropriately to our community’s sensitivity.
    Don’t expect the community to respect you, while your behavior is not respectful to the community.
    And a special msg to activist yossy gestetner. I just don’t get it. you have a job in doing PR for the monsey fire department. 1. Why did it became your personal responsibility that you should arrive to all calls Are you doing that to all your clients you going down to their store every day to make sure things go right? 2. Maybe do your job and exsplain your clients to start respecting the community the serving, once you will have a product for the community you could start to sell it. Aren’t you a marketing strategy analyst.??

  6. you guys are all wrong let people live enjoy life there is nothing wrong with making a fire on lag beomer


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