Schumer and Lawler Secure $10 Million for Hudson Valley Police, Including $1,829,706 for Rockland County, Ending Payment Delays

US. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer and Congressman Mike Lawler have jointly secured over $10 million in long-awaited federal payments for Hudson Valley police departments. This funding, which includes a significant $1,829,706 earmarked for Rockland County, marks the end of a protracted battle against bureaucratic delays.

This achievement comes in the wake of a concerted effort highlighted by Monsey Scoop on July 5th, where Congressman Lawler stood with Senator Schumer and local law enforcement leaders in a roundtable discussion and press conference. The gathering, which included Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco, Putnam County Sheriff Kevin McConville, and other Hudson Valley law enforcement officers, focused on the urgent need for the federal government to release funds owed to local agencies.

Congressman Lawler emphasized the critical role of law enforcement in maintaining public safety and the importance of timely financial support. “Our law enforcement officers are the backbone of our communities, bravely facing dangers every day to keep us safe. It’s crucial that they receive the funding they are owed as swiftly as possible to show our appreciation and support for their relentless efforts,” Lawler stated.

The funds have been long awaited by local departments, including those in Rockland and Putnam counties, for their pivotal roles in the Westchester DEA’s task force. Their efforts have been instrumental in dismantling criminal networks involved in drug trafficking and other illicit activities.

Senator Schumer, reinforcing Congressman Lawler’s message during the roundtable, pledged swift action. “Our law enforcement officers deserve not only our gratitude but also the necessary resources to effectively perform their duties. We are committed to ensuring that these overdue funds are allocated promptly,” Schumer remarked.

Sheriffs Louis Falco and Kevin McConville shared their experiences, underscoring the importance of adequate funding in sustaining and enhancing their crime-fighting capabilities. The press conference served to raise public awareness about the challenges faced by law enforcement and the need for community support.

The successful securing of the overdue $10 million by Schumer and Lawler, strongly backed by local law enforcement leaders, marks a significant step in recognizing the hard work and sacrifices of these officers. The allocation includes substantial amounts for departments across the Hudson Valley, reflecting their significant contributions to regional law enforcement and public safety.

This joint effort by Senator Schumer and Congressman Lawler, with strong support from state and local law enforcement, exemplifies a unified commitment to supporting those who risk their lives to protect our communities. With these departments now receiving their long-awaited compensation, they are better equipped to continue their vital work in keeping our neighborhoods safe.

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