RSK Launches Pesach 2024 Grocery Assistance Program for Monsey Families

In a generous move to support the community, the RSK organization has announced the introduction of a Grocery Assistance Program tailored for the Pesach season, aimed at providing middle-class families in Monsey with considerable savings on their Yom Tov groceries.

The innovative program allows participants to pay only 40% of their expected Yom Tov grocery bills, with RSK covering the remaining 60%. This significant discount can reach up to a total of $3,000 per family, pending availability of sufficient funds.

Families interested in taking advantage of this offer are encouraged to pre-register online by visiting RSK’s Grocery Assistance Program page, with a deadline set for Monday, April 8. Upon approval, applicants will receive detailed instructions via email on how to proceed with their application, including making their 40% contribution.

Eligible supermarkets where the credits can be redeemed include The Kosher Hive, available to all participants, and All Fresh and Evergreen, which require an existing account with the stores.

However, RSK emphasizes that pre-registration does not automatically guarantee qualification for the program. Assistance will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The organization has also advised applicants not to contact the RSK office directly, as all necessary information will be communicated through email following approval. This measure ensures a streamlined process allowing the RSK team to efficiently manage the distribution of funds.

The program is part of RSK’s broader initiative to guide families toward financial self-sufficiency, with the Pesach grocery assistance acting as a critical component in alleviating the financial pressures associated with Yom Tov preparations.

For more details on the pre-registration process, or to apply for the program, visit RSK’s Grocery Assistance Program page.

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