Rockland Towns Support County, Orangetown’s Legal Actions Against NYC’s Migrant Placement

In a bold move to protect their local communities, Rockland County and the town of Orangetown have gained the backing of Rockland Town Supervisors in their legal battles against New York City (NYC). These legal maneuvers come as NYC attempts to force counties across New York State to accept migrants that the city itself is unable to accommodate. Notably, other Rockland towns are commending the proactive actions taken by Rockland County and Orangetown to prevent area hotels from being transformed into homeless shelters.

Clarkstown supervisor, George Hoehmann, revealed during an interview on “The Morning Show” on Monday that NYC had approached a Nanuet hotel as part of their efforts. However, the hotel declined to participate. In response to NYC’s attempt to shift migrants to Rockland, the town board of Clarkstown has bolstered local legislation to restrict the duration of hotel stays to a maximum of 29 consecutive days. Ramapo supervisor, Michael Specht, stated that, to his knowledge, none of the hotels in Ramapo were approached by the city.

Meanwhile, Rockland County Executive, Ed Day, continues to criticize the management skills of NYC Mayor, Eric Adams, following a recent report by the Daily News. The report revealed that NYC has the capacity to house approximately 15,000 people. Surprisingly, the city possesses nearly four thousand available Housing Authority units and over 2,600 vacant units in their housing network designated for homeless New Yorkers. These resources, however, remain unused.

The mounting legal challenges against NYC’s migrant placement plans indicate the firm resolve of Rockland County and Orangetown to protect their communities’ interests. As tensions escalate, the ongoing battle between these municipalities highlights the struggle to find a suitable solution for accommodating migrants and addressing homelessness within the state.

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