Rockland Residents Warned of Cyber Monday Scams: DA Tom Walsh Offers Tips for Secure Holiday Shopping

As the digital shopping frenzy of Cyber Monday sweeps across the nation, Rockland residents are gearing up for a day of online bargains. However, District Attorney Tom Walsh is issuing a crucial warning, reminding all residents to stay vigilant and protect themselves from common scams that tend to escalate during the holiday season.

The Better Business Bureau’s latest report reveals an alarming statistic: nearly a third of all scams reported last year were related to online shopping fraud. With Cyber Monday at its peak, scam artists are expected to be more active than ever. To shield Rockland residents from falling prey to these malicious schemes, District Attorney Tom Walsh has shared three essential tips to ensure a safe online shopping experience.

1. Stick to Reputable Retailers and Beware of Deals That Seem Too Good to Be True

One of the cardinal rules of safe online shopping is to exercise caution when encountering deals that appear too good to be true. Scammers often set traps by offering unrealistic discounts on fake websites. Residents are urged to shop with trusted and well-established retailers, both online and offline. It’s also crucial to remain wary of unsolicited texts or calls that may attempt to lure shoppers into these deceptive websites. Always verify the website’s security by checking for the HTTPS prefix in the URL.

2. Use Secure Payment Methods and Verify Website Security

Protecting your financial information is paramount when shopping online. Rockland residents are advised to use secure payment methods such as credit cards or reputable online payment systems. Under no circumstances should wire transfers or gift cards be used for payments, as any retailer requesting these forms of payment is likely a red flag. Additionally, it’s essential to verify the security of the website by ensuring it has encryption protocols in place, indicated by a padlock icon in the address bar.

3. Keep a Record of Confirmations and Receipts

After making a purchase, it is advisable to save all confirmations and receipts. These documents serve as evidence of the transaction and can be crucial in case of any disputes or issues with the order. By maintaining a clear record of every purchase, Rockland residents can easily address any discrepancies or problems that may arise.

Cyber Monday is a day of unparalleled online shopping opportunities, but it also presents a prime opportunity for scammers to exploit unsuspecting consumers. District Attorney Tom Walsh’s proactive advice serves as a shield against these threats, empowering Rockland residents to shop securely and confidently this holiday season. By following these tips, residents can enjoy the benefits of Cyber Monday without falling victim to online scams. Stay safe, Rockland!

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