Rockland Residents Urged To Report Potholes As Officials Rush To Fill Them

As winter grips the area, local roads in the Town of Ramapo and surrounding municipalities are facing an alarming increase in potholes, exacerbating the seasonal challenges faced by drivers. These road cavities, a direct consequence of the harsh winter conditions, are formed when water seeps into road cracks, freezes, and then thaws, causing the asphalt to deteriorate further. Factors such as vehicle weight, road age, and various weather conditions contribute to the rapid deterioration, leading to a surge in potholes.

Potholes pose significant risks to motorists, damaging vehicles and increasing the likelihood of accidents as drivers swerve to avoid them. The Town of Ramapo’s Highway Department diligent efforts to repair these hazards have been noted, with crews actively filling potholes on a daily basis. Despite criticism from some quarters accusing local authorities of inaction, officials assert that every reported pothole within their jurisdiction has been addressed within 24 to 48 hours.

Residents are encouraged to play a proactive role in maintaining road safety by reporting any potholes. However, the jurisdictional maze between the Rockland County Highway Department, the Town of Ramapo, and the New York State Department of Transportation complicates reporting. Specific roads such as Routes 59, 202, 45, and 306 fall under state jurisdiction, further diversifying the reporting process.

Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht strongly encourages residents to report pothole sightings, underscoring the collective effort required to keep the roads safe. ‘Ensuring the safety and navigability of our roads during the harsh winter months is a top priority for us. We treat every pothole report as an urgent matter and act swiftly to address it. I call upon our community members to assist us by reporting any road damage they encounter. Your participation is essential in our roadway maintenance endeavors, and together, we can make a significant difference in improving our driving conditions,’ Specht remarked.

To report potholes within the Town of Ramapo, residents can contact Liaison Yossi Margaretten at 845.357.5100 ext. 433 or via email at WhatsApp reports are also accepted at (845) 502-0415. For issues on Rockland County roads, fill out the Rockland County Road Service Request form. State road concerns, including potholes, can be reported to the New York State Department of Transportation via a dedicated hotline at 1.800.POTHOLE (1.800.768.4653), available 24/7.

The overarching message from officials is clear: instead of voicing criticism, residents are urged to report potholes and road hazards, contributing to safer and more navigable roads during the challenging winter months. 

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