Rockland Poet Leaders Broker Historic Deal for Yeshiva Student Transportation in Suffern

In a momentous development, the organizers of Rockland Poet, Mrs. Andrea Jaffe and Rabbi Sinai Halberstam, have successfully negotiated an agreement for a groundbreaking pilot program that addresses transportation needs for yeshiva students in the Suffern area. The outcome of this pivotal meeting signifies a significant step forward in bridging the gap between private school parents and the Suffern Central School District.

The meeting, which was attended by a distinguished group of individuals, showcased a commitment to collaboration and innovation in seeking solutions to a longstanding issue. From right to left in the photo, the participants included:

  1. Mrs. Marlo Dickman – Vice President of the Suffern Central School District, who is currently running for re-election in May 2024.
  2. Rabbi Greenbaum – Representing the Agudah Yisroel.
  3. Rabbi Sinai Halberstam – One of the key organizers of the initiative Rockland Poet.
  4. P. Erik Gundersen, Ed. D. – Superintendent of Schools for the Suffern Central School District, whose presence signifies the school district’s commitment to finding a resolution.
  5. Shimon Moses – Deputy Mayor of the Village of Airmont.
  6. State Senator Bill Weber – A vocal advocate for the cause, Senator Weber has been instrumental in pushing for a solution and has emphasized the need to move beyond mere lip service.
  7. Mrs. Andrea Jaffe – Co-organizer of Rockland Poet and a driving force behind the program’s development.
  8. Matt Masterson – Chief of Staff to State Senator Bill Weber, offering additional support to this important initiative. And his assistance is next tot him in the photo.

Senator Weber, during the meeting, stressed the urgency of finding a workable solution and expressed his unwavering commitment to addressing the transportation issue faced by private school students. He made it clear that continuing with the status quo was not an option.

For the past year, parents of private school students have been tirelessly working to engage with the Suffern Central School Board and district employees. They sought the opportunity to discuss the policies put in place in 2016, which resulted in the elimination of transportation services for yeshiva students in the Suffern area.

The objective of this pilot program is to explore innovative and forward-thinking recommendations that maximize transportation efficiency without compromising the mandated services. It represents a significant collaborative effort that can potentially reshape the transportation landscape for yeshiva students in the Suffern area.

This landmark agreement marks the beginning of a promising journey towards better access to education for all students, regardless of their school affiliation. The local community eagerly anticipates the positive impact this pilot program will have on students and their families in the Suffern area. Stay tuned for further developments as this initiative progresses toward implementation.

To get involved and help Mrs Jaffe and Rabbi Halberstam with their hard work click here https://rocklandpoet.org/

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