Rockland Officials Discuss Enhancements to TOR Bus Service

In a recent meeting, Rockland County’s top transportation officials and local legislators came together to deliberate significant improvements to the TOR Bus Service, focusing on expanding the network and introducing advanced technology for commuter convenience.

The assembly, led by Rockland County’s Acting Commissioner of the Department of Planning for the Department of Public Transportation, Douglas Scheutz, and Deputy Commissioner Director of Administration and Research, Michael D’Angelo, engaged in a comprehensive discussion about extending the county bus service routes. The proposed expansion includes the addition of Chestnut Ridge, Airmont, and Montebello to the bus network.

A key feature of the meeting was the proposition to incorporate a GPS tracking and delay notification system into existing routes. This advancement aims to provide real-time updates for riders, ensuring they are informed about bus locations and can plan their journeys more effectively. The tracking system is expected to be accessible via a mobile app and a dedicated telephone information line.

The meeting saw the attendance of notable figures including Rockland County Legislators Joel Friedman and Aron Wieder, Village of Chestnut Ridge Deputy Mayor Chaim Rose, John Lyon, Chief of Staff for the Office of the County Executive, and Steve Powers, Director of Public Policy and Intergovernmental Relations.

Legislator Aron Wieder expressed his support for the initiatives, stating, “This is a monumental step towards enhancing our public transportation system. The integration of GPS technology not only improves the efficiency of our bus services but also significantly elevates the commuting experience for our residents.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Legislator Joel Friedman emphasized the community impact, remarking, “Expanding our bus routes to include more areas like Chestnut Ridge and Montebello directly responds to the needs of our community. It’s about connecting people, improving access, and ensuring reliable transportation for everyone.”

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