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Rockland Hatzolah Responds to Slide Accident at YSV Boys During Pre-Purim Katan Event

During a Pre-Purim Katan celebration at YSV Boys’ School, an inflatable slide tipped over, resulting in injuries to several students. The incident led to an immediate emergency response from Rockland Hatzolah.

The school administration communicated with parents via email regarding the unfortunate event. The email read:

“Dear Parents,

We are writing to inform you of an incident that took place at the boys’ building today. An inflatable slide, that had been brought in as part of our Pre-Purim Katan activities, slid over and tilted while boys were on it, resulting in some of our talmidim getting hurt. Rockland Hatzalah was called and, although b’chasdei Hashem, no talmidim were seriously injured, a few boys were taken to the hospital for further evaluation.”

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