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Rockland Hatzolah Hosts Medical Training Amid Growing Concerns

In response to rising concerns about security threats affecting Jewish communities globally, Rockland Hatzolah held a crucial training session on Sunday morning. The event aimed to address the unsettling reality that the situation in Israel may not be confined to the region, with Palestinians reportedly inciting sympathizers worldwide.

This heightened sense of caution underscores the need for Jewish communities across the globe to remain vigilant, as they could potentially become targets. Monsey Scoop stresses again that as per law enforcement, there are no credible threats to Rockland County as of this morning.

The training session, titled “How to Prepare, How to Act in an Actual Scenario, and How to Treat Potential Injuries,” was conducted by a team of Safety & Security Experts from the N.Y. Jewish Security Alliance, alongside members of the Ramapo Police Department. Additionally, in-house Hatzolah training experts lent their expertise to ensure a comprehensive approach to emergency preparedness.

The inaugural session of this vital training program took place on Sunday morning and was limited to the first 20 members who registered. These members were given priority due to their high call volume and the essential role they play in the community’s safety.

Hatzolah members who successfully completed the program were rewarded with a Belt-sized “Stop the Bleed Kit” and a certificate of training completion. These tools are intended to equip members with the skills and resources necessary to respond effectively in emergency situations, including potential terrorist incidents.

As security concerns continue to loom over Jewish communities worldwide, Rockland Hatzolah’s proactive approach in providing members with essential training and resources serves as a critical step in ensuring the safety and well-being of its community members.

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