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Rockland DA Tom Walsh Joins New York Prosecutors in United Stand Against Antisemitism

On Tuesday, Rockland District Attorney Tom Walsh, along with all 62 District Attorneys in the state of New York and the New York State Attorney General, signed a joint statement emphasizing their commitment to public safety and pledging to prosecute and investigate hate-motivated threats or violence in response to a recent surge in antisemitic incidents in New York City.

“As law enforcement and elected leaders in New York, we have a responsibility to assure the communities that we serve that their safety is paramount,” the statement reads. “Recently, there has been an escalation of targeted threats and attacks on Jewish communities and individuals, including threats to Jewish riders on the New York City subway system, vandalism targeting the homes of Jewish board members of the Brooklyn Museum, and antisemitic signs and chants during a gathering outside a memorial in New York City to victims killed at the Nova music festival, which caused the exhibit to be locked down.”

The statement highlights the fear these incidents have instilled in the community. “These acts have left large segments of our communities—both Jews and non-Jews—scared for their safety and that of their families and neighbors. No New Yorker should fear for their safety for any reason, and especially because of who they are.”

In a show of solidarity and assurance, the prosecutors reaffirmed their support for the rights of all New Yorkers to lawfully and peacefully gather and protest. They also stressed their dedication to understanding the fear within the community and to investigating and prosecuting all hate crimes and acts of violence or threats of violence based on the facts and to the fullest extent possible under the law.

The joint statement comes amid growing concerns over antisemitic incidents and aims to reassure the public of the commitment of New York’s law enforcement officials to maintain public safety and uphold justice.

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