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Rockland County’s Rabbi Joel Fried Honored Alongside Senator Rob Rolison and Director Lydia Biskup for Exceptional Support at Select Specialty Hospital

Senator Rob Rolison (District 39) and his Director of Operations, Lydia Biskup, were recently recognized by Select Specialty Hospital – Northeast New Jersey for their ongoing support and assistance, notably their crucial help in acquiring vital records that aided a patient’s recovery journey.

Rabbi Joel Fried, a chaplain from Rockland county serving at Select Specialty Hospital in Rochelle Park, New Jersey, was also honored for his dedicated service. The hospital, a long-term acute care facility, caters to many communities, including Williamsburg, Monsey, New Square, and Boro Park. Rabbi Fried’s roles extend beyond his chaplaincy at Select Specialty Hospital; he is also a Law Enforcement Liaison and the Patient Liaison at Alaris Health at the Chateau.

The appreciation luncheon for Senator Rolison, Ms. Biskup, and Rabbi Fried took place on Friday May 17th.

Rabbi Fried expressed gratitude towards the Select Specialty team during his speech, highlighting CEO Oleg Rivkin’s impactful leadership. “Your guidance has fostered an exceptional reputation for the hospital,” Rabbi Fried remarked. “Speaking on behalf of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, I can attest to the staff’s exceptional training focused on kindness and compassion towards patients and their families. I am proud to be associated with the hospital’s caring ethos, understanding approach, and professional standard.”

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