Rockland County’s Human Rights Commissioner Honored by Stony Point

Spencer Chiimbwe, Rockland County’s Human Rights Commissioner, has been recognized by the Town of Stony Point for his exceptional contributions to human rights. Since assuming his role 15 months ago, Chiimbwe has significantly advanced the cause of human rights in the county and globally.

Chiimbwe’s achievements include leading a notable public discussion on human rights with over 100 attendees, featuring key figures from the New York State Division of Human Rights. He also established three Human Rights Satellite Offices across Rockland County to enhance accessibility to human rights resources for residents.

A highlight of his tenure was facilitating a visit by Martin Luther King III, emphasizing the county’s dedication to human rights. County Executive Ed Day commended Chiimbwe, stating, “With much more to accomplish, I’m confident Spencer will guide our Human Rights Commission in the right direction.”

Chiimbwe’s recognition by Stony Point reflects his impactful work in promoting human rights and his ongoing commitment to justice and equality in Rockland County.

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