Rockland County’s 2024 Budget Gets Green Light from State Comptroller

Rockland County’s financial planning for the year 2024 has received a nod of approval from the state comptroller following a thorough audit. The proposed budget, amounting to a substantial $870 million, has been scrutinized for its revenue and expenditure projections, deemed reasonable by the state auditors.

In a statement released by the audit team, they affirmed the budget’s credibility: “Based on the results of our review, we found that the significant revenue and expenditure projections in the 2024 proposed budget are reasonable.” This endorsement is a significant milestone for the county, ensuring that its financial planning aligns with state standards and expectations.

A notable aspect of the 2024 budget is the inclusion of a tax levy set at $141.8 million. This figure is crucial as it represents the amount the county plans to raise through property taxes to support its expenditures. The state’s review emphasized the importance of adhering to legal limits regarding this tax levy. Specifically, the county legislature has been advised to ensure that the tax levy does not exceed the legally permitted limit, unless there is a proper override of this limit in place.

This state-level review and subsequent approval are essential steps in the budget process, providing a layer of oversight and ensuring fiscal responsibility. The Rockland County legislature is now expected to take these findings into account as it moves forward with finalizing and adopting the budget for 2024. The focus remains on maintaining a balance between necessary expenditures and legal tax levy limits, ensuring the county’s financial health and stability in the coming year.

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