Rockland County Strengthens Home Improvement Contractor Regulations with Key Amendments

Rockland County Office of Consumer Protection Director, Jim Elcik, teamed up with Rockland County Executive, Ed Day, to officially endorse a resolution sanctioning an amendment to the rules and regulations concerning the licensing of home improvement contractors in Rockland County.

The key modifications include:

1. Implementation of a comprehensive written exam for general contractors. This exam, following a national standard, will assess applicants’ construction experience to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications.

2. Significant increase in the maximum monetary contract level for A6 general contractors. The limit has been raised from $100,000 to $300,000, now encompassing all phases of home improvement and allowing subcontractors to be engaged for contracts under $300,000.

3. Introduction of a mandatory home improvement license for residential soft washing services. Soft washing, which utilizes lower PSI compared to power washing, presents similar liabilities for workers and thus necessitates proper licensing.

The Home Improvement Licensing Board has already adopted these changes, and they will come into effect 45 days after the County Legislature’s official adoption date.

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