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Rockland County Sheriff’s Office, Communications Division and Town of Ramapo Announce Revised Implementation Date for New Radio Dispatch System

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Office, Communications Division, in collaboration with the Town of Ramapo, is announcing a revised date for the new radio dispatch system changeover. After extensive discussions with the five EMS agencies involved, it became clear that additional training is essential for a smooth transition. The implementation date has been rescheduled from July 1st to September 10th, 2024.

This decision was made to ensure that all EMS agencies receive comprehensive training in the new radio channels and how to properly operate them. The Rockland County Communications Division has been working hard to modify radio programming, connect the CAD interface with the PCR software, and update the EMD codes to meet the new needs. The extra time will allow for thorough preparation, ensuring the new system is integrated seamlessly.

“We are committed to providing our EMS agencies with the necessary resources and support for this upgrade,” said Adam Feuer, Chief of the Rockland County Communications Division. “By extending the implementation date, we can ensure a smooth transition and enhance the efficiency of our emergency response services.” This new date highlights our dedication to excellence and preparedness in public safety.

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