Rockland County Sheriffs and Regional Partners Participate in Maritime Security Training {PHOTOS}

Last week, the Westchester County Police Department hosted its annual CTZ3 Marine Subcommittee Training, emphasizing the importance of partnerships and joint preparedness in ensuring maritime safety. The Rockland County Sheriffs proudly took part in this vital exercise, alongside several regional departments and organizations.

The comprehensive training simulated a real-world incident wherein a ferry ran aground, necessitating the vessel’s approach, boarding, and subsequent evacuation. Responders practiced coordinating their efforts in attending to passengers with varied medical needs, reflecting the challenges they might face in actual emergency situations.

Participating agencies included the Westchester Police Department Marine, ESU, and Aviation Unit; Ossining Police Department (PD) & EMS; New Rochelle PD; Yonkers PD; Rye PD; Rockland County Sheriff; MTA PD; Coast Guard AUX; Launch 5, and numerous invaluable role players.

Special thanks go out to the NY Water Way Ferry, who generously provided a vessel for this mock event. Their contribution gave participants a more accurate understanding of the challenges and requirements of an actual maritime response.

The North Hudson Area Maritime Security Committee, which encompasses members from these various agencies, consistently focuses on enhancing their expertise and preparedness levels. Through continuous training and collaboration, they aim to fortify the region’s resilience and ensure maritime safety.

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