Rockland County Secures Funding for Ambitious Climate Action Plan

Rockland County is gearing up to tackle climate change head-on with the approval of a New York State Climate Smart Communities Grant application. County Executive Ed Day, along with Chief of Staff John Lyon and Acting Commissioner of Planning & Public Transportation Doug Scheutz, has given the green light for the initiative.

The grant will finance the development of a comprehensive Climate Action Plan (CAP) for Rockland County, setting clear objectives to enhance sustainability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and bolster resilience. The CAP will encompass strategies for reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy adoption, improving public transportation infrastructure, and preparing for extreme weather events.

County Executive Ed Day emphasized the significance of this step, saying, “We’re committed to fighting climate change and making our community more resilient. This grant is a major milestone in that journey.”

The New York State Climate Smart Communities Grant program supports local efforts to combat climate change. With this funding, Rockland County joins a growing nationwide movement towards sustainability and a greener future. Residents can look forward to cleaner air, a healthier environment, and increased resilience in the face of climate challenges.

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