Rockland County Residents Cautioned About Misleading Voter Mail Campaign

Patricia A. Giblin and Kathleen M. Pietanza of the Rockland County Board of Elections have issued a warning to residents regarding a mail campaign initiated by The Voter Participation Center (VPC) and Center for Voter Information (CVI). The mass mailing campaign has been distributing potentially inaccurate information to both registered voters and other members of the community.

It’s important for residents to note that the Center for Voter Information (CVI) operates as a third-party entity. It has no affiliation with the Rockland County Board of Elections office, the state, or other local election authorities.

One of the significant issues raised by the Board is that the mailing lists employed by such campaigns are frequently derived from outdated or erroneous data. Consequently, voter registration forms have been mistakenly sent to already registered voters, deceased individuals, minors, and in some instances, even household pets. Such inaccurate mailings could lead to unnecessary confusion and worry among residents.

The Rockland County Board of Elections remains the primary and official source for all information concerning voter registration and election processes within Rockland County.

Residents should be assured that if they’re registered voters and have received one of these potentially misleading mailings, it does not imply any alteration to their current voter registration status. For those who wish to confirm their existing voter registration information, they can reach out directly to the Rockland County Board of Elections office at 845-638-5172.

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