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Rockland County Petition Urges Pothole Repairs, Highlights Ramapo’s Great Job as a Model for County and State

A resident of Monsey has initiated a campaign calling for urgent action against the prevalent pothole problem that poses significant safety risks and damages vehicles. This effort has culminated in a petition, available at this link demanding both Rockland County and New York State authorities to address these hazardous road conditions promptly.

The petition draws attention to the daily perils faced by the community, exacerbated by neglected potholes. Citing a report by the American Automobile Association (AAA) which estimates annual costs of pothole damage to U.S. drivers at $3 billion, and a study by TRIP indicating that 33% of major local roads in New York are in poor condition due to inadequate maintenance, the petition emphasizes the urgent need for action. It makes a strong case for the State and Rockland County to prioritize road maintenance and repair all existing potholes to safeguard community safety and quality of life.

Moreover, community members voiced their dissatisfaction to Monsey Scoop regarding the responses they received from county and state officials when expressing concerns about the state of the roads. Residents often find themselves facing a lack of concern or being led astray when they report potholes or seek help.

In contrast to these challenges, the Town of Ramapo Highway Department is cited in the petition as an exemplar of effective and efficient pothole management. Led by Ramapo Highway Department Superintendent Fred Brinn, Town Of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht, Chief of Staff Mona Montal, and community liaison Yossi Margareten, the department has earned accolades from the community for its proactive approach to maintaining and repairing town roads. This positive example sets a benchmark that the petition suggests could be emulated by Rockland County and New York State authorities to improve road conditions across the region.

The petition, along with testimonials from residents, underscores a community-wide call for immediate and sustained action to address a problem that directly impacts their daily lives and safety.



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