Rockland County on Alert for Incoming Weather System

The National Weather Service has issued an alert for Rockland County as a low-pressure system is set to bring inclement weather conditions to the region, including gusty winds, heavy rain, and the potential for coastal flooding. This weather event is expected to impact the area from Tuesday night through early Wednesday. While no major headlines are in effect outside of marine areas, residents are urged to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions.

Key Points of the Weather Alert:

Rainfall and Flooding: Weather experts predict that rainfall will start to increase on Tuesday afternoon, intensifying into the early evening. The total expected rainfall from late Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday morning is anticipated to range between 1 to 2 inches, which could lead to minor or nuisance flooding. The heaviest rainfall is projected to occur after midnight on Tuesday, continuing into early Wednesday. Currently, there is no expectation of flash flooding.

Wind Conditions: Late Tuesday night and into the early hours of Wednesday morning, gusty winds are expected to sweep through the area, especially along the coastal regions. Wind gusts in the range of 30-40 mph are possible, particularly near the coast, with potential gusts reaching 45-50 mph in far eastern Suffolk County. These strong winds may result in wind-related impacts, including downed trees and power lines, primarily along the coastal areas.

Coastal Flooding: Confidence is growing for a widespread minor coastal flooding event during Wednesday morning’s high tide cycle. Overnight on Tuesday into Wednesday, strong southeast winds are anticipated, causing a surge that could raise water levels by as much as 2 to 3 feet. Astronomically low tides at this time are expected to keep the flood threat mainly at a minor level. However, some back bays along the South Shore of western Long Island may experience localized moderate flooding. Furthermore, heavy rainfall coinciding with high tide and wave activity along the Connecticut coastline could exacerbate the coastal flood risk. Areas particularly vulnerable include the South Shore Bays of Long Island and the southwest Connecticut coast. Locations along upper NY Harbor and the north shore of Long Island may only witness localized minor coastal flooding.

Residents of Rockland County are encouraged to stay updated on the weather conditions and follow any instructions or advisories issued by local authorities. Preparing for potential flooding, securing outdoor objects, and staying informed through official sources are recommended actions to ensure safety during this weather event. Stay tuned for further updates from the National Weather Service as the situation evolves.

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