Rockland County Officials Assess Storm Damage in Stony Point and Provide Update

Rockland County Executive Ed Day and Congressman Mike Lawler, accompanied by Rockland County Office of Fire and Emergency Services Director Chris Kear, Stony Point Town Supervisor Jim Monaghan, and County Legislator Doug Jobson, recently embarked on a tour of the storm-ravaged area in Stony Point. The group assessed the extent of the destruction, paying particular attention to the damaged park and local residences. Their objective was to gather firsthand information about the impact of the storm and provide a comprehensive update on the resulting damage.

During the tour, County Executive Ed Day and Congressman Mike Lawler closely inspected the affected areas, accompanied by Director Chris Kear, Supervisor Jim Monaghan, and Legislator Doug Jobson. Together, they assessed the wreckage, taking note of the severity and extent of the devastation. Their efforts aimed to gain a thorough understanding of the situation on the ground and offer an accurate account of the storm’s aftermath.

After completing the tour, the officials convened to share their findings with the public. They emphasized the significant damage caused by the storm, highlighting the impact on both the park and the local residences. By providing this update, County Executive Ed Day, Congressman Mike Lawler, Director Chris Kear, Supervisor Jim Monaghan, and Legislator Doug Jobson sought to keep the community informed about the extent of the destruction and the ongoing recovery efforts.

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