Rockland County Legislature Kicks Off 2024 with New Leadership

The 2024 Organizational Meeting of the Rockland County Legislature commenced on Wednesday evening at the prestigious Allison-Parris County Office Building in New City. The event marked the swearing-in of seventeen dedicated Rockland County Legislators and the much-anticipated announcement of leadership assignments for the upcoming year.

Under the backdrop of a promising year ahead, the Rockland County Legislators assumed their respective leadership positions for the 2024 term. Among those notable appointments were:

Jay Hood Jr. was sworn in as the Chairman of the Legislature, poised to guide the county through its legislative endeavors.

Aney Paul took on the role of Vice Chairwoman, a position of significant influence in the county’s legislative body.

Philip Soskin stepped into the role of Second Vice Chair, further strengthening the leadership team.

Alden H. Wolfe accepted the position of Majority Leader, entrusted with maintaining cohesion among the majority party.

Joel Friedman assumed the post of Deputy Majority Leader, a crucial role in supporting the legislative agenda.

Lon M. Hofstein took the mantle of Minority Leader, representing the voices of the minority party.

Douglas J. Jobson was appointed Deputy Minority Leader, complementing the efforts of the minority leadership.

In addition to the leadership appointments, various committee chairs were assigned to oversee crucial aspects of county governance. The 2024 Committee Chairs are as follows:

Budget & Finance: Aron Wieder, a seasoned legislator, will steer the financial course of the county.

Planning Public Works: Itamar Yeager will oversee matters related to planning and public works.

Multi Services: Toney Earl will lead efforts to provide a range of services to the community.

Environmental: Beth Davidson will champion environmental causes and policies.

Economic Development: Jesse Malowitz will focus on fostering economic growth within the county.

Public Safety: Paul Cleary will address issues concerning public safety.

Government Operations: Dana Stilley will manage the intricate web of government operations.

During the ceremony, Legislator Aron Wieder, who was sworn in for his impressive 4th term, including 12 years of dedicated service as a legislator, expressed his commitment to the community, saying, “I am honored to serve Rockland County once again and look forward to working tirelessly for the betterment of our residents. Let’s make the next four years even more remarkable!”

With a diverse and experienced team of leaders at the helm, Rockland County is primed for an eventful and productive 2024. The newly appointed officials are expected to work together diligently to address the county’s needs and fulfill its promises to its constituents.

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