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Rockland County Legislators Rally Behind Bill to Tackle Squatting, Protect Homeowners

Rockland County Legislators have taken a stand against squatting by penning a powerful letter to Governor Kathy Hochul on Wednesday, April 3. The letter unequivocally supports the revision of laws to address the issue of squatters who unlawfully occupy properties, showcasing a united front in the fight to uphold homeowner rights.

The correspondence highlights the legislators’ backing of Assemblyman Jake Blumecranz’s proposed legislation, A.6894/S.5979. This bill is at the forefront of the legislative effort to curb the troubling trend of individuals illegally residing in properties, flouting the law with impunity. Assemblyman Blumecranz’s initiative comes in response to a string of distressing incidents, underscoring the urgent need for legal reform.

One such harrowing event involved a mother in New York City who was brutally murdered and concealed in a duffel bag at her apartment by squatters. This tragedy has galvanized lawmakers and public officials to rally behind measures that would enhance protections for homeowners, ensuring that their properties cannot be so easily usurped by trespassers.

The legislators’ letter to Governor Hochul is a critical step in advocating for the necessary adjustments to the legal framework to prevent future occurrences of such egregious acts. By supporting Assemblyman Blumecranz’s bill, Rockland County’s representatives are sending a clear message about the importance of property rights and the need for robust legal mechanisms to protect those rights against unlawful encroachments.

As the bill A.6894/S.5979 gains traction, it represents a beacon of hope for homeowners across New York, promising a more secure and lawful residential environment. The concerted efforts of Rockland County Legislators, alongside the proposed legal reforms, aim to fortify the defenses against squatters, ensuring that homeowners can rest easier knowing their properties are safeguarded.

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