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Rockland County Legislators Engage in Informative Visit to Sheriff’s Office Operations

Rockland County Legislators Jesse Malowitz, Beth Davidson, Dana Stilley, and Paul Cleary were hosted by Sheriff Louis Falco and his team at the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office. This visit allowed the legislators to gain firsthand insight into the diverse and crucial services provided by the department, highlighting the intricate work that goes into maintaining public safety and order.

Throughout their visit, the legislators toured several key facilities, including the County Jail, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Dispatch Center, the Police Academy, and the Mobile Data Response Center, among other critical operations. Such engagements underscore the multifaceted nature of the Sheriff’s Office, which is composed of four main divisions: Police, Civil, Corrections, and Communications.

Sheriff Louis Falco took the opportunity to detail the extensive responsibilities his office carries, from protecting the community against domestic and international terrorism threats to enforcing state and county laws, serving civil processes, operating the correctional facility, managing the county communications center, and overseeing the safe transportation of prisoners within the county. The Sheriff’s Office also prides itself on its collaboration with local, state, and federal partners to enhance the efficacy of its operations.

Moreover, the department boasts several special units designed to address specific challenges and emergencies, including Crime Scene Investigation, Bomb/Fire Investigation, K9, Tactical, Marine, Mounted, and Computer Crimes units. These specialized teams play a vital role in the comprehensive approach the Sheriff’s Office employs to ensure the safety and security of Rockland County’s residents and businesses.

The visit by Legislators Malowitz, Davidson, Stilley, and Cleary not only reflects their commitment to understanding and supporting law enforcement efforts but also highlights the importance of collaborative efforts between elected officials and public safety departments in safeguarding the community.

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