Rockland County Legislators Condemn GOP’s Antisemitic Video Targeting Democratic Candidates and Jewish Official

Four Rockland County Legislators are slamming the Rockland Republican Party’s creation and use of a blatantly antisemitic video that tries to smear Democratic candidates by lumping them together with an Orthodox Jewish elected official.

The video, posted yesterday to the GOP’s social media, shows four Democratic candidates – Beth Davidson, Dana Stilly, Jesse Malowitz and David Bruen – sitting around a table with others, including County Legislators Toney Earl and Aney Paul.

But only one County Legislator, Aron Wieder, has his voice and name included in the video. Legislator Wieder is a Hasidic Jew who dresses traditionally. The GOP video opens by focusing on him and ends with the words “Choose Your Leaders Carefully” with him clearly seen in the shot.

Rockland County Legislators Toney Earl, Aney Paul, Alden Wolfe and Itamar Yeger are slamming the GOP video and accompanying post.

“It’s a sequel to their 2019 infamous ‘A Storm is Coming’ video that was so full of antisemitic vitriol that it was denounced across the state by leaders from both parties,” Legislator Yeger said. “The Rockland Republican Party learned nothing in four years. Their actions yesterday are dangerous because they come at a time when antisemitism is rampant, especially in New York.”

County Legislator Earl said the antisemitic ploy used by the GOP cannot be tolerated.

“Aron Wieder has been one of our most dedicated public servants for more than a decade,” Legislator Earl said. “He is also a proud Hasidic Jew. To insist that the voting public needs to watch out for those who associate with a Jewish elected official is plainly antisemitic.”

Rockland County Legislator Paul said the GOP must do the right thing.

“This demeaning post must be taken down immediately,” Legislator Paul said. “We don’t play politics with people’s lives in Rockland and the Rockland County Republican Party knows better.”

Unbelievably, starting on Oct. 7, the day Hamas terrorists invaded parts of Israel and brutally attacked men, women, children, disabled people and senior citizens through shooting, stabbing, burning, raping, beheading, and kidnapping, some people took to streets around the world in support of Hamas.

As the days have passed, ordinary Jews, including those in the U.S., have been singled out because they are Jewish – intimidated by protestors and in some cases threatened with bodily harm. Clearly, Jews everywhere are concerned about their safety.

The Rockland GOP video and post does nothing more than to pile onto those concerns, County Legislator Alden Wolfe said.

“During times of virulent hatred, the Republicans’ antics may cause further harm in our community,” Legislator Wolfe said.

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