Rockland County Leaders Join Pre-Chanukah Event at NY Attorney General’s Office in Support of Mrs. Ohana’s Plea {PHOTOS}

The New York Attorney General’s Office hosted a poignant Pre-Chanukah event in New York City, bringing together Jewish community leaders from across the state to support Mrs. Ohana’s emotional plea for her son’s safe return. The event featured a moving speech by Mrs. Ohana, the mother of Yosef Ohana, who is held hostage by Hamas in Gaza. This gathering emphasized the spirit of unity and hope in the face of adversity.

Among the distinguished speakers at the event was Attorney General Letitia James, who praised the dedicated work of her office in fearlessly protecting the community and upholding justice. David Greenfield, CEO of Met Council, also spoke in praise of the Attorney General’s unwavering commitment to doing what is right.

The event drew a diverse crowd, including Rockland County Legislator Aron Wieder, Chestnut Ridge Deputy Mayor Chaim Rose, and Airmont Mayor’s confidential assistant Yehuda Zorger. Additionally, Rockland County Community Activist and Askan Mayer Tauber, as well as Ari Kahan of the Rockland County Human Rights Commission, lent their voices to the cause.

The emotional highlight of the evening came when Mrs. Ohana took the stage. She shared her heart-wrenching experience of not knowing the whereabouts of her 24-year-old son and expressed her hope for his safe return. Drawing parallels to the spirit of Chanukah, she called for a miracle and asked that her son never be forgotten.

“In the spirit of Chanukah, let’s hope there’s a miracle and her son comes back home,” Mrs. Ohana tearfully said, her voice resonating with hope and determination. She expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support from friends and new acquaintances who had reached out during this challenging time, describing it as truly heartwarming.

Mrs. Ohana concluded her speech by expressing her anticipation of the day when she could finally give her son the warm and loving hug that he so rightfully deserves.

The Pre-Chanukah event at the New York Attorney General’s Office served as a powerful reminder of the importance of community unity and the unwavering hope for the safe return of loved ones in times of adversity.

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