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Rockland County Launches Life-Saving Leave-Behind Narcan Project

Rockland County Executive Ed Day, along with Department of Mental Health Acting Commissioner Dr. Susan Hoerter and Coordinator of Substance Abuse Services Janet Sliva, has announced the rollout of the Leave-Behind Narcan Project. This initiative, in collaboration with Rockland Paramedic Services, aims to combat the opioid crisis by equipping the public with Narcan kits during emergency overdose responses.

The innovative Leave-Behind Narcan Program empowers Rockland Paramedic Services emergency responders to distribute free Narcan kits at the scene of an emergency. These kits are available to patients, their family members, friends, or anyone present who might be able to assist in a future overdose situation. In 2023, Rockland County experienced approximately 241 opioid overdoses, with 40 resulting in fatalities.

“Last year, we had 40 fatal overdoses in this county… Let that sink in,” stated County Executive Ed Day. “Opioid abuse knows no boundaries, but we believe this new program will help us fight this crisis and save more lives.”

Narcan, a critical life-saving intervention, can reverse opioid overdoses and is often administered at home, even before emergency services arrive. Administered as an intranasal spray, Narcan rapidly reverses the effects of an overdose and helps restore normal breathing.

“Narcan saves lives. This program is another way Rockland County is working to get Narcan to its residents to prevent fatal overdoses,” explained Dr. Susan Hoerter, Acting Commissioner of County Mental Health. “Every fatal overdose that is prevented creates an opportunity for someone to pursue recovery and live their life to its full potential.”

Timothy P. Egan, EMT-P, Executive Director of Rockland Paramedic Services, added, “As paramedics, we see the detrimental effects of overdoses each and every day. This program provides us with another opportunity to have a positive effect on people’s lives. Narcan saves lives every day, and this program is another tool Rockland County is using to improve the lives of its residents.”

Each Narcan kit includes two doses of Narcan (naloxone) intra-nasal spray (4mg/0.1ml), instructions on administering Narcan, a reference card for finding treatment and support, a QR code for obtaining additional free Narcan, and a booklet on preventing future overdoses.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use, please call the Rockland Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependence (RCADD) at 845-215-9788 for support, referrals, or information.

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