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Rockland County Launches Childhood Immunization Campaign For National Immunization Awareness Month

In Observance of National Immunization Awareness Month, the Rockland County Department of Health (RCDOH) is rolling out a new campaign to empower parents with information on immunizing their children against harmful diseases such as Polio, Measles, and Pertussis, among others.

The campaign includes new educational pamphlets in EnglishSpanishYiddish, and Creole languages that will be distributed to Houses of Worship, doctor’s offices, and daycares throughout Rockland. The aim of the materials is to teach parents the importance of keeping up with vaccinations for children aged 2 and under which includes Hepatitis B, DTaP, IPV, MMR, HiB, Varicella, and PCV inoculations. Local digital and print advertisements will also be used to communicate the importance of childhood immunizations to parents in the County.

Dr. Chitra Punjabi, Director of TB and Communicable Disease Control at the Health Department, said, “For decades, childhood immunizations have protected children from diseases, some of which can result in death, and we are proud to continue to promote their usage as we observe National Immunization Awareness Month this year. We hope that our new campaign to encourage parents to follow recommended vaccination schedules will prove successful and help our community understand that all immunizations are tested extensively and are not only safe to administer to babies and young children, but extremely important for your child’s health.”

Many parents either fail to have their children complete their vaccination series or fail to begin the

vaccination series, often due to scheduling issues or concerns over side effects. However, delaying vaccines could be harmful to your child and will not result in a reduction of side effects caused by immunizations.

“It is our obligation to protect residents from these debilitating and potentially fatal diseases. The law requiring childhood vaccinations has been in place for many years for this very reason,” said County Executive Ed Day. “I urge our residents to act now and protect yourselves, your family, and your community.”

For more information about child immunizations & immunization clinics, visit the RCDOH website. 

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