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Rockland County Hosts Tenth Annual 100 Ride Charity Event Benefiting Kupath Ezra and Tomche Shabbos

On Sunday, June 30, Rockland County celebrated its tenth annual 100 Ride, organized by Kupath Ezra and Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County. This distinctive cycling event is designed to foster camaraderie among friends as they unite to support their community. The event’s primary purpose is to raise funds for individuals and families struggling with their basic daily needs, emphasizing the spirit of giving and mutual support.

The 100 Ride gets its name from its unique fundraising model: 100% of the money raised by the riders is distributed directly to various charitable organizations, including Kupath Ezra of Rockland County and Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County. This ensures that every dollar contributed by participants is used to support those in need.

Starting in Rockland, the ride concluded in Monroe, where participants were honored with a barbecue celebration, recognizing their dedication to the community and their commitment to chesed. This event not only raises essential funds but also highlights the riders’ generosity, as they give selflessly with no expectation of anything in return.

Members from Rockland Hatzolah and Chaverim of Rockland were on location, assisting the bikers throughout the event, ensuring their safety and well-being.

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