Rockland County Government Applauds Community Partners for Environmental Cleanup Efforts

Rockland County Government extends its heartfelt gratitude to all community partners who collaborated to address a pressing environmental issue in the local area. A collective effort by several organizations led to the successful cleanup of illegal dumping near the Lillian G and Frank J Schwartz Memorial Park in Airmont.

The discovery of the illegal dumping site was made by the Rockland County Division of Environmental Resources, prompting immediate action. In an exemplary display of community partnership, Keep Rockland Beautiful, Inc., an environmental advocacy group, stepped up to coordinate the cleanup efforts. They reached out to Twins Home Improvement Corp, a local business, who generously volunteered to remove the debris.

In a further show of community support, Rockland Green, the county’s waste management authority, agreed to waive all fees associated with disposing of the garbage at their West Nyack location. This gesture not only facilitated the cleanup process but also demonstrated the strong commitment of local organizations in working together to preserve the environment.

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