Rockland County Expands Green Spaces with $1.8 Million Purchase of New City Land

Rockland County has recently invested $1.8 million to secure over 13 acres of open space in New City, reinforcing its commitment to environmental conservation.

The strategic acquisition involves two parcels of land at 176 and 180 South Mountain Road, previously owned by William and Edward Schmidt. The 13.72 acres of predominantly undeveloped land were purchased as part of the county’s Open Space Acquisition Program. This program aims to protect and conserve natural areas within the county.

Situated in a prime location, the newly acquired land lies adjacent to North Little Tor Road and just below South Mountain County Park. This area is noted for its natural beauty and ecological significance. The property’s notable features include the West Branch of the Hackensack River, areas of federal wetlands, and challenging steep slopes, adding to its environmental value.

In a bid to ensure the perpetual preservation of this land, a restrictive covenant has been recorded. This legally binding agreement designates the property exclusively as parkland, barring any other use. Remarkably, the covenant allows enforcement by any resident of Rockland County, empowering the community to safeguard their local environment.

This acquisition follows a pattern of environmental stewardship by Rockland County. In 2023, nearly $6 million was allocated to preserve 25 acres under the same Open Space program. This included the purchase of two parcels in Pomona and an 11.83-acre property in New City, not associated with the Dr. Davies farm family.

With an additional $5 million injected into the Open Space Acquisition Budget for this year, Rockland County now has approximately $7.25 million available for further acquisitions in 2024. Currently, twelve nominated parcels are under consideration, highlighting the county’s ongoing efforts to expand and protect its green spaces for future generations.

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