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Rockland County Executive Urges Governor Hochul to Veto Election Bills A04282 & S3505B

In a recent statement, Rockland County Executive Day once again called upon Governor Kathy Hochul to veto bills A04282 and S3505B, denouncing them as a direct assault on local elections. Day’s plea echoes his earlier letters sent to the Governor in June and August, underscoring his concerns about the potential ramifications of these bills.

The proposed legislation seeks to shift local elections to even-numbered years, purportedly as a cost-saving measure. However, County Executive Day argues that this move would have adverse consequences, effectively overshadowing local races with the noise and spectacle of State and Federal elections.

In his statement, Day expressed his apprehension that this crowded political landscape would leave local candidates with limited opportunities to communicate their platforms and voters with insufficient time to fully engage with the diverse array of races presented to them.

Local governments, Day emphasizes, are the bedrock of responsive and responsible governance, directly impacting the lives of everyday citizens. They play a pivotal role in matters ranging from essential services like drinking water, social services, sewage management, zoning regulations, and education to infrastructure maintenance, parks and recreation, law enforcement, and judicial proceedings. The proposed legislation, in Day’s view, would constitute a grave insult to the voters of New York State by making such a far-reaching decision without involving them in the process.

County Executive Day’s statement underscores the significance of preserving local elections as standalone events, allowing citizens to focus on the crucial matters at the community level without the distraction of simultaneous State and Federal contests. His passionate appeal to Governor Hochul seeks to protect the integrity and accessibility of local elections and, ultimately, safeguard the voice of the people in shaping their communities.

As the debate surrounding these bills continues, all eyes are on Governor Hochul, who holds the power to determine the future of local elections in New York State. The outcome of this political battle will have a profound impact on the democratic process and the representation of citizens at the grassroots level.

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