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Rockland County Executive Ed Day Approves New Drive-Thru Vaccination Shelter Kit

County Executive Ed Day announced the approval of a new 2-lane Drive-Thru Vaccination Shelter Kit, a significant step towards enhancing the County’s ability to administer vaccinations. Joining him in this initiative are key members from the Department of Health, including Public Health Program Director Kevin McKay, Emergency Preparedness Director Eric Medina, Assistant Director Cat Baade, and Purchasing Director Paul Brennan.

This portable shelter is a testament to the County’s commitment to safeguarding public health and ensuring that vaccinations reach every corner of the community. Designed for easy setup, the shelter is adaptable to various locations, providing a flexible solution for hosting vaccination clinics throughout the County.

The approval also included a disaster trailer, indicating a broader strategy by the county officials to stay prepared for emergencies and improve the overall health infrastructure.

Residents are encouraged to keep an eye out for announcements on upcoming drive-thru vaccination clinics in the coming weeks. The mobile shelter aims to reach areas with lower vaccination rates and those who might find it difficult to access traditional healthcare facilities.

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