Rockland County Enforces Emergency Order Amidst NYC’s Unlawful Shelter Program Dispute

This week, all hotels in Rockland received letters from the County of Rockland, reminding them that the new Emergency Order is still active due to the City of New York’s discriminatory program of establishing unlawful city shelters in the County.

County Executive Ed Day expressed concern about the housing crisis in Rockland and the potential consequences of sending busloads of people without adequate infrastructure to care for them.

The new order ensures that each public welfare district is responsible for assisting and caring for individuals within its territory, including New York City. It prohibits other municipalities from setting up shelters in Rockland and transferring their policies, costs, and responsibilities to the County.

A recent report highlights the number of empty housing units in NYCHA, which could potentially house thousands of people. However, it now takes much longer to fill vacant apartments compared to previous years.

Despite New York City’s declining population and unoccupied hotel rooms, the County of Rockland disputes Mayor Eric Adams’ contentions that the city lacks space to help these individuals.

County Attorney Tom Humbach explains that the order aims to mandate good and responsible government, ensuring adherence to existing laws and reflecting the best interests of Rockland County’s electorate.

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