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Rockland County Customers Play Key Role in O&R’s Clean Energy Drive

Rockland County residents, served by Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. (O&R), have been pivotal in the utility company’s push towards a sustainable future. In 2023, these customers significantly contributed to the region’s clean energy landscape by implementing approximately 5,300 solar installations since 2001, achieving a total capacity of about 50 megawatts.

This substantial effort by Rockland County residents underscores their commitment to renewable energy and marks them as a leading community within O&R’s service area in terms of solar adoption. The collective effort is part of a broader regional push that saw around 30 megawatts of customer solar power added to O&R’s electric system throughout 2023, contributing to nearly 250 megawatts of capacity installed since 2001 across the New York-New Jersey service areas.

O&R’s Vice President of Operations, Won Choe, praised the community’s involvement, stating, “It takes all of us to build a cleaner future, and we applaud our customers in Rockland County for doing their part to help us during this transition.” He further highlighted the company’s ongoing initiatives to foster clean energy adoption through various programs and incentives aimed at supporting the local and state energy goals.

These advancements in solar energy are part of O&R’s comprehensive strategy to enhance sustainable energy technologies, which also includes battery storage, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and the adoption of air-source heat pump and geothermal systems for clean heating and cooling.

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