Rockland County Community Leaders And Elected Officials Host Key Fundraiser for George Latimer’s Congressional Campaign In Pomona

A fundraiser was held this morning in Pomona at the Galandauer Family home for Westchester County Executive George Latimer, who is vying for a seat in the Democratic primary for the 16th Congressional District. The event was notable for the attendance of numerous community leaders and local officials, showcasing widespread backing for Latimer against his primary opponent, Congressman Jamaal Bowman.

George Latimer, serving his second term as Westchester County Executive and a veteran of numerous elected positions including in the State Senate and Assembly, has a flawless electoral record across 20 contests. At the event, Latimer affirmed his strong support for Israel and the necessity of addressing threats for peace to prevail. He pledged a commitment to pragmatic, bipartisan efforts in Congress, aimed at achieving substantial outcomes for his constituents.

The fundraiser attracted praise for Latimer’s collaborative work ethic and policy achievements. Ramapo Chief of Staff Mona Montal, and former State Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick, who facilitated Latimer’s appearance, both commended Latimer for his pragmatic leadership and steadfast support for Israel in these challenging times.

Among the distinguished attendees were Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht, Haverstraw Supervisor Howard Phillips, Rockland County District Attorney Tom Walsh, and County Legislators Itamar Yeger and Joel Friedman. Also showing their support were Airmont Deputy Mayor Shimon Moses, Chestnut Ridge Deputy Mayor Chaim Rose, Chestnut Ridge Trustee Shmuel Fromowitz, Pomona Mayor Ilan Fuchs and Deputy Mayor Mendy Lasker, New Hempstead Mayor Abe Sicker, Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Yisroel Eisenbach and Trustee Joseph Gross, Wesley Hills Mayor Marshall Katz, New Square Mayor Izzy Spitzer, Rockland County business owner and community activist Meyer Tauber, community activists Yossi Gestetner, and Yehuda Zorger. Heshe Greenzweig & Naftali Silberberg, Co-Presidents of Rockland Hatzoloh, Trustees Yisroel Churns of Wesley Hills and Joel Grunwald of Pomona, along with Roberto Williams, Regional Director for US Senator Chuck Schumer’s Office, were also present.

This broad representation of local officials and activists underscores the deep-rooted support for Latimer’s campaign and his vision for the 16th Congressional District. With his experienced leadership and dedication to bipartisan and international issues, Latimer’s campaign is a beacon for those seeking effective governance and strong advocacy in Congress.

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