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Rockland County Celebrates Financial Milestone: Final Payment on $96 Million Deficit Bond Successfully Made, Signaling Fiscal Transformation

County Executive Ed Day and Deputy Budget Director Steve Grogan are proud to let residents know that the County made the final payment to the $96 million deficit bond on Friday, reflecting the County’s disciplined practice of balancing operations and controlled spending.

“When I was first elected to serve as County Executive, the New York State Comptroller’s Office listed Rockland as the most fiscally stressed County in the entire state and our bond rating was one step above junk status,” said Rockland County Executive Ed Day. “This achievement reaffirms Rockland becoming one of the fiscally strongest counties in the entire state, transforming from worst to first.”

County Executive Day affirms that the administration will continue to practice conservative budgeting and careful expenditure controls that have contributed to our successive years of positive financial performance.

“The County’s fiscal condition has never been better.  Our bond credit rating is one grade away from being the best in the State.  Now, today I am proud to announce we made our final deficit bond payment.   This is an important day for the County and its reputation,” said Deputy Budget Director Steve Grogan. “I thank all our employees and taxpayers for their continued confidence in our administration and our joint efforts to keeping our County prosperous and sound.”

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