Rockland County Boosts Tourism Efforts with New Marketing Firm Partnership

Rockland County has taken a significant step towards enhancing its tourism appeal by appointing Lake Placid Advertisers Workshop as its new Marketing Firm of Record. This strategic move, announced by County Executive Ed Day, alongside the Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Lucy Redzeposki, and Purchasing Director, Paul Brennan, aims to amplify the county’s marketing initiatives to attract more visitors.

Marking the resolution’s approval, stakeholders underscored the critical role tourism plays in the county’s economy. In 2022, the tourism sector in Rockland County witnessed remarkable growth, creating 6,532 jobs—a 7.6% increase from the previous year. Visitor spending surged to $513 million, marking a significant 104.7% jump compared to 2019 and an 18% increase over 2021. Furthermore, the county saw a 26% rise in Occupancy Tax revenue, generating $1.4 million.

This financial influx from tourism has a direct impact on the residents of Rockland County. Without the revenue generated from tourism-related sales and local taxes, the average household would face an additional $581 in annual taxes to sustain current service levels.

The partnership with Lake Placid Advertisers Workshop, selected for its responsible and responsive bid, is set to revolutionize Rockland County’s marketing efforts. With a contract valued at $500,000 for one year, the firm is expected to leverage its expertise to promote Rockland as a prime tourist destination efficiently.

Lucy Redzeposki expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to start working with Workshop to streamline all of our marketing efforts and continue to promote Rockland County as a tourist destination.”


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