Rockland County Benefits from New York State’s Environmental Grants

Among the various initiatives supported by the recent announcement of over $1.8 million in grants from New York State for Hudson River Valley environmental projects, two notable projects in Rockland County have been highlighted for their innovative approach to education and climate resilience.

Hudson River Education Initiative: The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York have been awarded $75,245 for their project titled “Hudson River Education: Extending the Pathway into Climate.” This initiative is designed to engage summer high school interns from Potential Environmental Justice Area communities within Rockland County. The program aims to deepen interns’ connections with science by focusing on the impacts of climate change on the Hudson River, enhancing both educational outcomes and environmental stewardship among the youth.

Nyack’s Climate Resilience Planning: The Village of Nyack has received a grant of $17,000 to conduct a “Nyack Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan.” This project is set to embark on a comprehensive vulnerability assessment to identify and address climate change hazards specific to Nyack. The plan will cover a range of climate-related challenges, including the frequency and duration of heatwaves, the increasing intensity of extreme weather events, rising sea levels, storm surge, and the emergence of climate change-related diseases. This forward-thinking project aims to safeguard Nyack’s residents and businesses by developing tailored adaptation strategies.

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