Rockland County Announces Reopening of Hungry Hollow Road

After months of anticipation, Rockland County announced the reopening of Hungry Hollow Road. The road had been closed since May to facilitate crucial infrastructural developments.

The county’s Highway Department undertook the significant task of replacing two aging metal culvert pipes that were showing signs of deterioration. The newly installed 3X10-foot wide culvert not only ensures the road’s longevity but is also designed to significantly reduce the area’s flood vulnerability, which has been a consistent concern for local residents.

In addition to the culvert, the next few weeks will see the completion of a new guide railing, further enhancing the safety and usability of the road.

The County wishes to extend its gratitude to the Highway Department for their dedication and hard work. The successful completion of this project underlines their commitment to ensuring the county’s roads are safe and efficient for all its users.

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