Rockland County Allocates Additional $100,000 for Road Repairs Following Severe July Rainstorms

Rockland County Superintendent of Highways, Charles “Skip” Vezzetti, alongside County Executive Ed Day, has approved an additional funding of $100,000 for the crucial repair and replacement of county roads severely damaged by the unprecedented rainstorms witnessed in July 2023. This gesture brings a beacon of hope to local commuters who have been grappling with deteriorating road conditions since the calamitous weather event.

The total sum for the project has thus been elevated to a substantial $350,000, with Tilcon New York stepping in to supply the requisite concrete material for the expansive repair works. This collaborative effort between the Rockland County and Tilcon New York underscores the determination to expedite the road repair process, ensuring a swift return to normalcy for the local transportation network.

County Executive Ed Day praised the efforts of all parties involved, and reiterated the county’s commitment to ensuring that road repairs are completed as swiftly and efficiently as possible to minimize any further inconvenience to the public.

Superintendent Vezzetti echoed these sentiments, highlighting the importance of this project in restoring safe and efficient road networks for the Rockland County community. This decisive action comes as a relief to many, promising a significant step towards alleviating the transportation challenges faced by the residents and ensuring smoother commutes.

The additional funding and material support from Tilcon New York significantly bolsters the ongoing efforts to restore the county’s road infrastructure to its pre-disaster state, ensuring the resilience and functionality of Rockland County’s vital transportation arteries.

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