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Rockland County Agencies Collaborate to Boost Preparedness Along CSX Rail Corridor

In a proactive effort to fortify their readiness for potential incidents along the CSX rail corridor, Rockland County’s emergency response agencies came together in a joint exercise. This significant event brought together various stakeholders, including Fire and Police departments, Public Health representatives, elected officials, CSX, Orange and Rockland Utilities (Electric and Gas), and Veolia Water NY. The exercise underscored the importance of partnerships among these entities in safeguarding the health and safety of Rockland County residents.

The exercise, served as a testament to the dedication of Rockland County’s emergency response agencies in bolstering their ability to respond effectively to any incidents that might occur along the critical CSX rail corridor.

Participating in the exercise were:

  1. Fire and Police Departments: Local fire and police departments played a crucial role in the exercise, demonstrating their coordinated response capabilities in the face of rail corridor incidents.
  2. Public Health Representatives: Public health experts and representatives actively engaged in the exercise, emphasizing the county’s commitment to safeguarding the well-being of its residents during emergencies.
  3. Elected Officials: Elected officials attended to demonstrate their support for emergency preparedness efforts and to witness firsthand the collaboration among agencies.
  4. CSX: The CSX Corporation, a vital player in the rail transportation industry, joined the exercise to ensure seamless coordination with local agencies in case of any rail-related incidents.
  5. Orange and Rockland Utilities (Electric and Gas): Orange and Rockland Utilities participated to demonstrate their readiness to address utility-related concerns and ensure uninterrupted service to the community.
  6. Veolia Water NY: Veolia Water NY, responsible for water and wastewater management, showcased its capabilities in maintaining a stable water supply during emergencies.

Such exercises are invaluable in assessing and improving the county’s readiness to respond to a range of potential incidents, including but not limited to hazardous material spills, derailments, and other emergencies along the CSX rail corridor.

Rockland County continues to prioritize collaborative efforts among its emergency response agencies and key stakeholders to uphold the safety and well-being of its residents. The successful execution of this exercise serves as a shining example of their commitment to ensuring the resilience and preparedness of the community in the face of unforeseen challenges along the vital rail corridor.

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